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‘Akhil’ Story copied from ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Game??

Akkineni Akhil’s debut Film ‘Akhil: The power of Jua’ is all set to have Worldwide release on 22nd October. The theatrical Trailer of Akhil was released recently on the eve of the audio release event.

Now, some enthusiastic Movie lovers and the fanatics of Videos games have found many similarities between ‘Assassin’s creed’ game and Akhil: The power of Jua’.

During a particular part of the mentioned game, few tribal people will be trying to protect a ball like structure called, ‘Apples/Pieces of Eden’.

It is understand from the trailer of Akhil that the storyline of the film is almost similar to the game. Furthermore, Akhil is coming with the tag line “The Power of Jua”. In fact, Jua means Sun in Swahili language, the language of an African tribe.

We have to wait until the release of the film to find out whether it is just a coincidence or copy or an inspiration from the game.