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BJP, Janasena To Extend Support To Amaravati Farmers

BJP and Janasena To Extend Support To Amaravati Farmers
BJP and JanaSena To Extend Support To Amaravati Farmers

JanaSena Party and Bharatiya Janata Party have decided at the joint coordination committee meeting that the leaders wanted to go and meet the farmers who sacrificed their lands for the capital city and extend their solidarity.

Both the parties have proposed to ensure the farmers and hold joint agitations concerned with the capital city of Amaravati.

A meeting of BJP and Janasena coordination committee was organised in Vijayawada on 28th January which was attended by Daggubati Purandheswari, Somu Veerraju and Santha Reddy.

Janasena leaders Nadendla Manohar, T Sivasankar, Kandula Durgesh, Ch Madhusudhan Reddy, V Gangulaiah, Srinivas Yadav, B Nayakar and C Manukranth Reddy were present.

The meeting had a prolonged discussion on change of capital city and preparations for local body elections.

The coordination committee observed that both the previous TDP government and the present YCP government were held responsible for the present crisis of Amaravati.

Hari Prasad, Political Secretary to Janasena Party President said in a statement that the ruling YCP was propagating that it was acting in consultation with the Central Government about the change of capital city, which was completely false.

The present YCP government and the previous TDP government were acting similarly in the false propaganda, the coordination committee maintained.

BJP and Janasena parties have decided to contest jointly in the ensuing local body elections.

A decision was taken to form committees at the Gross-root level for this purpose. The committee members will be elected after approval of the presidents of both the parties.