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Did The Expert Panel REALLY Visit Villages of Capital City of AP? Farmers Say NO

Did The Expert Panel REALLY Visit Villages of Capital City of AP? Farmers Say NO
Did The Expert Panel REALLY Visit Villages of Capital City of AP? Farmers Say NO

JanaSena Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Nadendla Manohar 20th December said that it was not appropriate to make farmers shed tears and it was disrespecting the sacrifices of the farmers by announcing the removal of the capital city with a statement.

He exhorted the YCP government to recognise the sacrifices of the government who gave 34,000 acres of land voluntarily for building a capital city.

It was not fair for the people’s representatives to make mockery the sacrifices of the farmers instead of recognising their services as 70 per cent of the farmers, who had given their lands were owners of below five acres.

He assured that JanaSena Party would fight for the farmers of the capital city till they get justice.

Janasena Party PAC members, spokespersons and party leaders on Friday met the farmers, who were agitating for over five days after the Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy’s announcement on three capitals and extended solidarity.

The Janasena leaders toured Yerrabalaem, Mandadam, Velagapudi, Tulluru and Pedda Parimi villages and participated in the deekshas and dharnas.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadendla Manohar said “the chief minister and the ministers are wishfully making different statements from different regions and creating confusion among the people. They are giving political colours to the issue by raising the caste of farmers.”

How farmers are related to politics?, Nadendla questioned the government.

“Soon after hearing the news that the farmers of the capital city are on warpath, Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan has directed us to visit them and instil the courage to them. Don’t get discouraged. We are with you,” he told the striking farmers.

It is not appropriate to change capital whenever government is changed, said Manohar

The farmers gave their lands to the then government, not to any political party. The successive government shall honour the agreements made with the farmers by the previous government. But it is not appropriate to change the capital city whenever there is a change of guard in the State, he said.

He said that the statement of minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy that the lands of the farmers will be given back and his government will build 3 state capitals or 33 capital cities is condemnable and not fair by belittling the sacrifices of the farmers.

The YCP government must clarify how it will give the lands back to the farmers after the boundaries have been erased.

Had the YCP government done any minor work in the past six months after it came to power?, he questioned the AP government.

The government had stopped the works of lifeline projects to the State such as Polavaram and Amaravati.

How the State will get Investments if it functions like this? He asked the government.

The care the government has shown on painting colours to the government offices, it does not have such care on the State’s growth, he added.