Home Poll Does YS Jagan Reddy Have In Common With Tughlaq?

Does YS Jagan Reddy Have In Common With Tughlaq?

Does YS Jagan Reddy Have In Common With Tughlaq?
Does YS Jagan Reddy Have In Common With Tughlaq?

Is Tuglak rule is better than YSR Congress party chief and Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy rule? The Farmers of Andhra Pradesh say yes.

When Pawan Kalyan led JanaSena team visited the farmers in the Amaravati, they expressed their grievances to the team.

They said “they had given 33,000 acres of land voluntarily to build the people’s capital to the government, not to any political party”

But the government is insulting us without giving any respect to our sacrifices, farmers said.

When we are already under psychological stress with the statements of ministers, chief minister Jagan’s statement on three capital cities has further downed our morale, they said.

The State shall have one capital and it shall be Amaravati. The government shall decentralise growth, not the administration, they said.

By now, constructions are taken up in our lands by investing huge funds. The YCP government must take steps to continue the constructions, but not play with our lives, farmers said.

Tuglak rule is better than that of Jagan’s rule. The person will remain as a great leader by doing good deeds to the people, but a person who makes people shed tears will not be a leader, said farmers.

Chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy shall withdraw his statement of three capitals immediately by recognising our sacrifices, farmers demanded the government.

He shall not bring regional differences by dividing the capital,” they said and warned that they would intensify the agitation if the government attempted to shift the capital from Amaravati.”

Why are the ministers, MLAs and people’s representatives of Amaravati region silent when the attempts are on to move the capital city? Questioned farmers.

Why are they giving caste colours to farmers?

They said the government has created a situation where all the family members came to the streets and express their grievances.

Does YS Jagan Reddy Administration Have In Common With Tughlaq Rule?