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Health Ministry discontinues Paper Greetings, switches to eGreet…

With the aim to reduce use of paper
and give a boost to digital Initiatives of the Government and to promote a
contemporary and eco-friendly method of sending greetings, the Ministry of
Health and Family Welfare has decided to go forward with eGreetingsinstead of
paper-based greetings starting this Festive Season. In a circular issued today,
the Health Ministry has advised its staff to send festival greetings in the
form of eGreetings. Further, the Ministry has also said that it will not
entertain any request for printing of season’s greeting card. The eGreetings
can be sent through the eGreetings portal of the Ministry of Electronics and
Information Technology developed as part of the “Digital India” initiative.

The eGreeting portal created by DeitY
and NIC allows users to select and send greetings from multiple
occasion-specific templates. Government Departments can also customize the
greetings by adding tag-lines and messages related to their programmes and schemes.
The portal includes greetings for various occasions, including days of national
importance. The portal also addresses eGreetingsof the specific needs of
government organizations. For instance, specific templates can be created for
National Science Day, Women’s Day, various health days, as well as for national
campaigns. Each department can create its own greetings and slogans to connect
with their employees, colleagues and stakeholders. The designs and templates of
the greetings are being crowd sourced. The portal is also open to use by all
citizens. This would promote greater interaction and participation of citizens
in the process of creative work for the government as well as dissemination of
information pertaining to subjects of national importance.

The portal is also open to all
citizens for sending eGreetings to their family and friends. Users can access
the portal using the link https://egreetings.gov.in/