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Here’s What Pawan Kalyan Said About CAA and NRC

Here’s What Pawan Kalyan Said About CAA and NRC
Here’s What Pawan Kalyan Said About CAA and NRC

JanaSena Party President Pawan Kalyan on January 27 clarified that National Registration of Citizens (NRC) applied to every citizen in India as it was not intended only for Muslims.

People shall not have fears that their Citizenship would be removed because of CAA and NRC as some people were deliberately instigating people on religious lines and creating controversies, he said and added that an exclusive meeting would be organised to dispel fears and misapprehensions among the Muslim brothers in this regard.

He said that their doubts would be clarified with legal experts.

Pawan Kalyan participated in a meeting organised with active workers of Vijayawada West constituency at the JanaSena Party office in Mangalagiri on January 27.

He interacted with party workers and also enquired about the problems prevailed in West constituency and also took their opinions on present situations in the State as well as at the Centre.

Speaking on the occasion, Pawan Kalyan said “the Indian Constitution has its greatness as it will not break people on religious basis.

He said “it is not at all possible to divide people in the name of religion. You shall not feel that you are not the citizens of the country, if the details of your father and grandfather are not readily available. Whenever governments change, they will collect details as per their Policies.”

Some elements created misapprehensions among the people saying it was a conspiracy to separate Andhra people when the Telangana government started survey of all people. It is impossible to do that.

“Similarly, many people had expressed doubt when details are collected for Aadhar. Fears expressed that what will happen if all the details are given to a private company. We need to move forward based on the government’s policies,” he added.