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Hinduism is a way of life… it’s not a religion, says Pawan Kalyan

Hinduism is a way of life... it's not a religion, says Pawan Kalyan
Hinduism is a way of life… it’s not a religion, says Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan on January 27 said “Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is adopted for the sake of Hindus and Muslims migrating from countries like Bangladesh. It aimed at only for the Muslims is false. The issue started because the people are losing their jobs and the prices of lands are going up because of migrations in Assam.”

I love my country and speak openly irrespective of religion, he said.

“You shall not express fears without knowing the Act by hearing from others. All the Muslim brothers of JanaSena will meet and get clarification on their fears. As a person I seek national integrity. We cannot gauge patriotism on the lines of religion,” Kalyan said.

He said “when the country got division, Pakistan formed as an Islamic State, while India remained as a secular country even if there is a chance to become a Hindu Republic.”

Hinduism is a way of life… it’s not a religion, Kalyan said.

He said there are so many ways to see the God and added that there are so many differences between the east and western parts of Pakistan concerning culture and traditions. Bangladesh became a separate nation with violence unleashed between these two groups.

CAA is enacted aiming at the Minorities who are migrating to our country from the neighbouring countries. However, NRC applies to every citizen, Kalyan said.

YCP votes for CAA… but opposes it in the State

The JanaSena Party chief said “we have gone through the abuses against Sharif, but he never spoke on them in a dignified manner. Jagan Reddy spills honey in his words, but in acts he stabs with knives. Don’t believe such people.”

YCP votes for CAA .., but it opposes it here, Kalyan said.

“I speak whatever I have in my mind. But YCP leaders say secularism… but see the situation of Muslim brothers in Kadapa. There will not be any misapprehensions if we all live together. We used to celebrate bread festival when we are in Nellore. There will not be any religion there. The New Generation shall welcome the change,” he said.

We will discuss within the limits of the party, if we face any issues when we have alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party, he said.

“I will not be a religious maniac if I have mere alliance with BJP. If it is the party of religious maniacs, we will not feel this much of security in the country. All the parties which are functioning in the country are secular, but their stand may be varied. If BJP is not a secular party, how YCP will be called as secular party. The YCP leaders say something and do something other,” Kalyan said.

Politics means serving country

Pawan Kalyan said “In my view politics means serving the nation. I need not face abuses for garnering votes. I speak if I able to stand by it. I floated Janasena party for common man and wished that the common man shall come out and speak. We are happy that as our beliefs are turning out to be true.”

There are some issues such as house-site pattas and encroachment of burial grounds in Vijayawada West Assembly constituency, but the party required leaders who can redress issues, he said.

We may not get immediate result with our Policies, but I can show a strong future to our Children after 25 years, Kalyan said.

Some people used to resort to abuses when they are fighting on the issues. We need to have patience, but at the same time we shall not be surrendered. It is not good at all, he said.

I have christened the party name as Janasena intending to safeguard the people’s interest irrespective of their caste and creed, he said.

Take up responsibilities in your respective divisions

Pawan Kalyan said “I extend my gratitude to all those who worked hard for the party in the elections. The meeting is aimed at interacting with all those who actively working for the party. I intend that every hard worker shall get recognition.”

“You take responsibilities in your respective divisions in every Assembly constituency. You allocate some time to the party activities giving priority to you family and the livelihood. The leaders who can spare more time for the party can take more responsibilities. You are all come to an understanding and take up responsibilities. I will speak separately with the regard to issues raised in the constituency,” he said to leaders and workers.