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I’m Doing Films For The Party and My Family, says Pawan Kalyan

I’m Doing Films For The Party and My Family, says Pawan Kalyan
I’m Doing Films For The Party and My Family, says Pawan Kalyan

JanaSena party chief Pawan Kalyan on February 1 said, “I am doing films for taking care of the party and families depended on me and my family, but not with love towards the films.”

The leaders shall have affection towards society and respect towards the people to forego the money they earned on their own, said Kalyan.

I cannot feed my family and pay my Children’s school fee by earning money through illegal means in politics, he said.

He said “if I do it I will lose respect for myself. If I cheated myself how can I question my opponents? What is the need for me to do films if I have properties worth thousands of crore and Rs 1 crore of monthly income?”.

I am doing films because I don’t have them, he said.

Won’t do politics of sitting and guarding!

The JanaSena Party Chief said “I would not have float Janasena party if I have a priority on my gains. I would have enjoyed the power of posts by joining BJP.”

Since I wished well-being of the society, I prepared to face hits and founded Janasena Party, he said.

Major support for Janasena Party is youth and sisters and their blessings and commitment made me have an alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party, he said.

“I don’t know whether I get power in my lifetime. But the power is very small before your affection shown towards me. Any person shall stay in the party out of passion but we can’t force them to stay. I don’t know whether the lone MLA of the party is with the par, or not. I won’t do politics of sitting and guarding”, said Kalyan.

He said, “I came to politics for people’s benefit and well-being of society. The persons who have the same ideology will stay with us, otherwise, they will leave. But in future people who are affectionate to us will only become our MLAs.”

I won’t crave for power and follow shortcut methods and never surrender to others, Kalyan said.

Pawan Kalyan said “I will achieve the goal with which purpose I floated the party. I will bear the hardships and losses but never shun my values and the trust of Jana Sainiks.”

Building the party structure is a big task and we shall do it with a lot of patience, he said.

“Many intellectuals had followed NTR when he entered into politics. Our party has no such team of intellectuals. We need to do politics with patience and tolerance, and then only success reaches us,” Pawan Kalyan exhorted.

State collapses… after given power when asked ‘one chance’

Pawan Kalyan said “they (YSRCP) asked for one chance…we have given it. Now the State collapsed.

“There is acute drinking water shortage though Krishna River is adjacent. Water became pollutant because drainage pipes joined drinking water pipelines,” he said.

Now we are seeing the situations where people are not getting ration cards and house-site pattas for not voting in their favour, Kalyan said.

Mr. Kalyan said, “these situations must change. The government shall work for all the people. It is very easy to divide people based on caste, religion and region, but it is very difficult to unite them.”

The real building of the party has begun just now. The local body election is a tremendous opportunity for strengthening the party, he said.

Priority will be given to those who are working hard for the party, Kalyan said.

“The in-charge of the constituency has to see that there shall be one-third of youth and Women in the party building. They have to identify the hardworking workers and entrust them party responsibilities,” said Kalyan.

He said that the workers who are sparing more time for the party shall be given key responsibilities.

We conduct political training classes for the party cadre. People shall remind Janasena Party which can remove the tears of the people when they are in distress, not the party which came to power asking for ‘one chance’, he added.