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Is Andhra at Loss With Government’s Insanity?

Is Andhra at Loss With Government's Insanity?
Is Andhra at Loss With Government’s Insanity?

Is Andhra Pradesh State at loss with Government’s insanity? JanaSena party says Yes.

JanaSena Party Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Nadendla Manohar on 8th January said that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy was shifting the capital city from Amaravati only for his political mileage.

Nadendla criticised that the chief minister is acting with the worst thought of divide and rule policy and the State should not become a scapegoat for the insanity decisions of the government.

They could not stop the agitations with arrests and assured that Janasena Party would extend its support to the capital city Farmers, who were agitating with hunger strikes for the past 22 days, he said.

Janasena Party organised mass hunger strike at Punja Centre in Vijayawada West Assembly constituency on 8th January in support of striking farmers.

Pothina Venkata Mahesh, Vijayawada West constituency in-charge and party official spokesperson initiated the protest programme.

Nadendla Manohar and Janasena party senior leaders and workers participated in the protest, while the other party leaders expressed their solidarity to the programme.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadendla Manohar said “It is not an ordinary issue for farmers, who gave 33,000 acres of their lands voluntarily for the capital city. It is a great sacrifice as they gave their lands ignoring the future of their Children. But the government is insulting the sacrifices of the farmers.”

The people must thwart the attempts of the government making false propaganda stating that there was inside trading in Amaravati, family members of one individual got benefited and one political party gained profit in the capital deal, he said.

If the inside trading has really happened, the government must have ordered an enquiry into the scam and punish the culprits in seven months, said Nadendla.

The inefficiency of the government is crystal clear as it failed to do it, he added.