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Is Reddy Creating Conflicts Between Regions To Gain Mileage In Local Body Polls?

Is Reddy Creating Conflicts Between Regions To Gain Mileage In Local Body Polls?
Is Reddy Creating Conflicts Between Regions To Gain Mileage In Local Body Polls?

Is Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Reddy creating conflicts between regions to gain mileage in local body polls? JanaSena PAC chairman says Yes.

The YCP government has created regional conflicts to gain mileage in the local body elections by diverting people’s attention, Nadendla Manohar, chairman of Janasena Political Affairs Commit-tee (PAC) has said.

He said that Jagan Reddy who has no time to hear the grievances of the people what eligibility he has to hold the office of the Chief Minister.

JanaSena Party was condemning the government action preventing the Bus Yatra of Amaravati Parirakshana committee, he said, addressing a media conference at Janasena party office in Vijayawada on 9th January.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadendla Manohar said as responsible Political Parties it is our prime duty to bring the intensity of the problem to the notice of the people by creating one common platform when they are facing troubles with the unintended decisions of the government.

Janasena party is responding to the people’s issues from the beginning whenever the issues brought to our notice by the people, he said.

He also said that the government tried to prevent the agitations launched on behalf of the people earlier also on several occasions. It tried to stop long march in Visakhapatnam by not giving permissions. It also attempted to prevent when the party organised face-to-face with Farmers to know the problems of tomato farmers in Madanapalli.

When Pawan Kalyan began his tour to console the farmers of Amaravati on December 31, the police have laid fencing wires at every village to prevent him to enter the villages, he said.

The Janasena Party will continue to agitate until a change in the mindset of the government takes place from taking thoughtless decisions. Everyone has the responsibility to express protest in a democracy. It is so painful that the government is not creating a situation where people are not given a chance to submit even a memorandum to express their grievances. The police must behave with patience and consciousness as they must not suffer the farmers who are providing food to us, said Nadendla.

Will people have to vacate their villages when CM’s convoy is passing?

Nadendla Manohar said it is astonishing to note that the villagers are asked to vacate their villages when AP Chief Minister Jagan Reddy’s convoy is passing.

Jagan Reddy, who himself makes high-level claims that he has completed 4,000 kilometres of Padayatra, how he distanced himself from people giving no time to hear their grievances?

How will you continue to hold the office of the chief minister when there is no time to meet people? He asked Reddy.

You must come down over Amaravati issue and have a dialogue with the farmers to ensure support to them, he demanded the government.

Nadendla said that the Janasena party condemns the government’s decision to gain benefit by creating conflicts between the regions.