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Ministry of Women and Child Development is undertaking several m…

The Government of India is undertaking several measures to combat trafficking. The new proposed legislation on trafficking of persons aims to prevent trafficking of persons, to provide care, protection and rehabilitation to the victims of trafficking, to prosecute offenders and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. It envisages establishment of well coordinated institutional mechanisms at District, State and National level for prevention and investigation of offences and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking. It also provides for confiscation, attachment and forfeiture of properties of persons convicted of offences punishable under the proposed legislation. In addition, it defines some new forms of trafficking as aggravated or otherwise and proposes creation of a dedicated Rehabilitation Fund for rehabilitation of victims of trafficking.

The Ministry is implementing the scheme of Ujjawala for prevention of trafficking and rescue, rehabilitation, re-integration and repatriation of victims of trafficking. The scheme provides for their rehabilitation through shelter, food, counseling, medical and legal aid and vocational training, under the Ujjawala scheme, 162 Protective and rehabilitative Homes have been set up which can accommodate upto 8100 trafficked victims.

Besides, the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act (ITPA), 1956 supplemented by the Indian Penal Code prohibits trafficking in human beings for the purpose of prostitution and lays down severe penalties for trafficking. The ITPA, 1956 also provides for protective homes and corrective institutions. The legislations as per the requirement are reviewed from time to time. Similarly the scheme has an inbuilt mechanism for periodic evaluation.

This information was given by Minister of State for Women and Child Development,   Dr. Virendra Kumar in reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.