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Mr. HachemHemidi, Secretary of State Ministry of Energy, Mines a…

 A meeting between Mr.HachemHemidi, Secretary of State (MoS Rank), Ministry of Energy, Mines and renewable energy of Tunisiawith Hon’bleUnion  Minister of Mines was held today this afternoon in Delhi.

During the meeting, Hon’ble Union Minister of Mines highlightedthat India has huge geological potential and a wide variety of minerals of India. He also brought out that the MMDR ACT, which governs the mineral Sector, was amended in January 2015. This amendment brought in transparency in grant of mineral concessions and removed discretion by instituting e-auction, as the sole method of grant of major mineral concessions.The DMF (District Mineral Fund) has been instituted for addressing the concerns of welfare of the mining affected areas. The PMKKKY (Pradhan MantriKhanijKshetraKalyanYojna) scheme has been launched by the Central Government for ensuring systematic development of the mining affected areas funded through DMF.

Hon’ble union Minister of Mines also informed the Tunisian Minister that the Geological Survey of India is a pioneer exploratory agency in exploration and is willing to assistTunisia in geological mapping and mineral exploration.  A specialized Training Institute of GSI can trainthe professionals of Tunisia.

Mr. HachemHemidi, was impressed with the profile of the Indian mining Industry.

Tunisia is a significant producer of phosphate rock and phosphate-based fertilizer, which are the country’s main contribution to the world’s mineral commodities. Other mineral commodities produced in Tunisia include cement, common clays, crude oil, Natural Gas, refined Petroleum products, and salt.

Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and Phosphoric Acid are the two major products being imported from Tunisia. India accounts for over 50% of Tunisia’s global phosphoric acid exports. India, on the other hand, exports a wide range of products. Significant among them are mobile telephones, earth moving equipment, machinery, articles of iron and steel, marine products, sugar, tea, pulses, raw tobacco, finished leather, fine chemicals, polyethylene and yarn, etc.

He stated that Tunisia wishes to enhance the exports of Phosphateand Natural Gas and Petroleum to India.

Tunisian Minister expressed the wish of his Government to enter into a MoU in the field of Mining and Geology with the Government of India in order to enhance the areas of mutual cooperation in this field & also to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries.