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Mumbai is Costliest & Hyderabad is Most Affordable

Among Indian Metros, Mumbai is ranked the costliest city to live where as Hyderabad is ranked the most affordable one for buying and renting houses.

As per a recent survey, property prices in Hyderabad have fallen by 10.5% in the past 4 years while rents have gone up by 1%. People with annual income of Rs 8-9 lakh can buy a house in the city.

Ahmadabad is ranked the second most affordable metro in the country. Property Prices have dropped by 20% and rents by 4% here.

Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR are the costliest three cities to buy and rent a house. Surprisingly, property prices have gone up 73.91% and 49.97% in Mumbai and Pune respectively since 2012. People with annual income of over Rs 25 lakh can only afford to buy houses in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi NCR.

Prices have gone up by 9.13%, of 9.76% and 5.55% in Delhi NCR, Bengaluru and Chennai since 2014. The annual income should be in the range of Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh to buy a house in Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata.


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