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My Apprehensions and Fears Became True Today, Says Pawan Kalyan

My apprehensions and Fears Became True Today, Says Pawan Kalyan
My apprehensions and Fears Became True Today, Says Pawan Kalyan

JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan on 11th January during Party’s extensive meeting at Mangalagiri said “when Karunanidhi built Assembly in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha converted it as a hospital.”

He said “I had some apprehensions and fears in 2015 when the Telugu Desam governrnent had acquired lands in a huge manner. Then, I asked what will be the fate of the Farmers if the next rulers failed to continue it as it may take at least two and a half decades to bring the capital city into reality.”

My apprehensions and fears became true today, said Kalyan.

He said that JanaSena Party has taken a clear decision over the capital city. We made it clear that the administration shall be worked from one place and development must be decentralized.

Pawan Kalyan said that only the YCP government must give clarity on the capital city. It shall inform the people how the concept of three capital cities is possible. As we all have observed how the response was when the chief minister visited Visakhapatnam after making the statement over three capital cities.

We have also seen how the response was when Janasena Party launched long march over the sand issue. We have experienced tremendous response because Janasena Party will always support the people’s issues, he said.

The government is playing with the lives of the crores of people. Janasena Party would support the farmers who sacrificed their lands for the capital city and it will continue its fight until they get justice, Pawan Kalyan added.

Opposition against Govt is our strength

Janasena Party Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Nadendla Manohar said “there is strong opposition to the chief minister’s rule though he is promising to implement many Welfare Schemes.

The party functionaries have to take this to the people so strongly and they shall feel the local body elections as a challenge, he said.

The leaders who appointed as in-charges shall not feel it as an authority as it shall be treated as a responsibility, said Nadendla.

You need to organize mandal and town-level meetings and acquire knowledge on the reservation system before going for the local body elections, he said.

Nadendla also said that the party’s legal wing will be made available to the party leaders if they face any issues.

With regard to the capital city, with the attempts of Pawan Kalyan for the sake of Amaravati farmers and participating in the state-wide agitation, the party has gained its own special position, he said.

It was brought to the notice of the Party President on how the police are handling the Women protestors, he said.

The chief minister, who made thousands of kilometres of Padayatra has failed even to console these Women, said Nadendla.

He further said that it is definitely an attempt to make the situations in their favour.

Pawan Kalyan is only the leader who is raising the issues of capital city farmers since 2015 as Janasena Party will ever change its stance for the sake of political gain, Nadendla added

All must respect the Party Chiefs decision

Janasena Party secretary T.Sivasankar said “the decisions of Party president Pawan Kalyan are acceptable to all in the party and everyone shall respect it.”

The leaders shall identify the strong leaders who are available to the local people and delegate responsibilities to them, he said.

They shall not believe in the false campaign in social media and shall work hard by visiting local places in person, said Sivasankar.

Janasena is the only party which reacted to the local issues compared to other parties, he added.