Nick Jonas after receiving an award for the most stylish man on the planet, Priyanka doesn’t shy away to plant a kiss on her husband’s cheeks as a part of the congratulatory message. Priyanka Chopra is presently in London heading for another reception with close mates of Nick. Priyanka tweeted a pic with Nick Jonas mentioning the honour of kissing her love and the most stylish man. Nick made a collage of himself showing his various phase of transition till date citing about his sensibilities of styling even as a child. He also took time to thank his stylist AvoYermagyan for making this happen.

With the upcoming wedding reception in London, the two were seen spending quality time with their family members. The Mumbai’s response set fire on the Taj Land’s End Hotel with many Bollywood stars attending the event and blissfully blessing this power couple and dancing to the beats with their heart out. It was fun to watch Deepika and Priyanka dance on their evergreen number “pinga.”

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