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Those Who Left Janasena Today Were Not Members When Party Floated, says Pawan Kalyan

Those Who Left Janasena Today Were Not Members When Party Floated, says Pawan Kalyan
Those Who Left JanaSena Today Were Not Members When Party Floated, says Pawan Kalyan

JanaSena Party President Pawan Kalyan on 1st February made it clear that there was no need to care about the remarks being made by some persons while they were leaving the party.

“They joined the party at the last hour of elections and leaving the party now criticising me saying that they are not liked my way of approach. People will get separate if the ideologies are mismatching and I never ask people to stay in the party forcefully as they shall stay with passion,” Pawan Kalyan said.

He reminded that none of the persons who resigned today was in the party when it was floated.

Jana Sainiks and Women workers are only with me when I founded the party, said Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan participated in the meeting organised with active party workers of Vijayawada East Assembly constituency in Janasena party office in Mangalagiri on February 1.

Gives directions to party workers

According to P. Hari Prasad (Political Secretary to JanaSena President)’s statement, Pawan Kalyan focussed his complete attention on building the party structure at the Gross-root level.

As part of it, he was holding friendly meetings with Assembly constituency-wise active party workers, he said.

Hari Prasad said that Pawan Kalyan was enquiring the party workers about the issues they are facing at the village level.

He is giving directions to them to take up programmes on behalf of the party, he said.

As part of the series of meeting, Pawan Kalyan held the meetings with party workers of Narasaraopeta and Vijayawada east Assembly constituencies.

The process of appointing committees at the constituency level has already begun and he was reviewing the progress of setting up of committees.

Speaking at the meeting of Vijayawada east constituency, Pawan Kalyan said “we have youth who had been organising Janasena party activities with funds raised from their daily earnings by doing small-time jobs and selling food items on the push-carts. They can understand me, but I am not being understood to those who wanted to grow in political life using Janasena party as an ore.”

I won’t care if they criticized me, he said.

Need affection and respect towards society

Pawan Kalyan said “Nadendla Manohar had faced high pressure efficiently being a Speaker of united Andhra Pradesh during the State division.”

We had been interacted each other and discussed many issues for over one year before he joined the party, he said.

We decided then only that we shall perform politics, not at the cost of national integrity and not do politics of religious division, said Kalyan.

“Manohar told me that he is posing so many queries to me since he wished to continue my path even if the party faced a debacle in the 2019 elections. That is why I respect him,” said Kalyan.

I ask the leaders who are leaving the party now after resigning criticizing me, to sacrifice just Rs 1000/- earned on their own for the sake of society, he added.