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Video: Pakistan fails to break IAF pilot Abhinandan’s integrity to the nation during interrogation

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot back on India a day after Indian Air Force (IAF) air struck Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camps in Balakot and in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. On Wednesday, in broad daylight, PAF attacked India and brought down a Mig-21 chopper across the LoC.

Eventually, Pakistan detained IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan who denied sharing confidential information of IAF asked by PAF officials.

However, he admitted that he has been treated well and said he was impressed by Pakistan Army’s treatment to him.

Wing Commander Abhinandan’s Mig-21 was brought down by PAF before being taken into custody by Pakistan Army while another Indian fighter jet crashed in Indian side of Line of Control (LoC).

Brave #Abhinandan refuses to Share details with Pakistani army pic.twitter.com/afarsDOY4F— Pawan Durani (@PawanDurani) February 27, 2019

With PAF took Abhinandan in custody to save him from angry mob a wide section of Pakistan citizen raised voice to treat him with respect and dignity.

“I’d like to put this on record; I will not change my statement even when I go back to my country. The officers of the Pakistan Army have looked after me very well,” Abhinandan acknowledged in the Video.

“Starting from the captain who rescued me from the mob, from the
soldiers, and thereafter the officers of the unit where I was taken to. I would expect my army to behave in the same way. And I’m very impressed with the Pakistan Army,” Abhinandan said on the record.

The interaction followed:                                                                               

During the interrogation, PAF official capturing the video was heard asking, “Where in India are you from?”

The pilot responded by saying “Am I supposed to tell you that?”
before diplomatically offering that “I’m from down south.”

Meanwhile, he was asked whether he is a married man or not, he offered an affirmative answer to the question.

“I hope you like the tea?” the officer asked him, to that
Abhinandan replied, “The tea is fantastic, thank you.”

The official went on to ask, “What aircraft were you flying?”, to which
the pilot denied an affirmative answer, “I’m sorry Major, I’m not supposed to tell you this. But I’m sure you’ve found the wreckage.”

The official also wanted to know the purpose of his mission. 

But, Abhinandan handled PAF’s barrage of questions with a calm demeanour, and denied an answer this time as well by saying, “Sorry, we’re not supposed to tell you this.”

India’s Ministry of External Affairs has asked Pakistan for “his
immediate and safe return”.