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WCD Ministry launches logo and tagline contest for ‘National Nut…

The Ministry of Women & Child Development has launched a
contest inviting creative minds to design a logo and suggest a tagline for its
prestigious ‘National Nutrition Mission’. It is an opportunity for citizens who
aspire to see their design displayed on a National platform.


The Government of India approved the National Nutrition Mission to
ensure holistic development and adequate nutrition for pregnant Women, mothers
and Children. The programme targets to reduce the level of stunting,
under-nutrition, anaemia and low birth rate. Accordingly, it was felt pertinent
to launch an appropriate logo and tagline to generate awareness among the


The Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay
Gandhi has said, “As has been the practice of the Ministry to engage with
citizens, the Ministry proposes to invite entries from public for the same. In
keeping with the overwhelming response received on similar contests run on the
Ministry’s social media platform, it is proposed to award a prize money of Rs 1
lakh to the winner.”

Participants are welcome to send either a logo or a tagline or
both. In case the logo and tagline selected by the jury are from separate
participants, then the prize money would be split.


Details of the contest are available on the Facebook & Twitter
accounts of Ministry WCD (@MinistryWCD). Last date to submit entries on
nnm.mwcd@gmail.com   is
17th December, 2017.


Read more on bit.ly/2BGM59i

Terms & Conditions: http://bit.ly/2ACKnGA