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WCD Ministry to celebrate Child Rights Week by hosting an inter …

Ministry of Women and Child Development will celebrate the Child Rights Week
(Hausla 2017) from 16th to 20th November, 2017. The
country celebrates the Children’s Day on 14th November and the
International Child Rights Day is celebrated on 20th November every
year. The period between the two important events will be celebrated as Child
Rights Week by WCD Ministry by hosting an Inter CCI Festival for the Children
who reside in Child Care Institutions (CCIs).


The commemoration of
the festival “Hausala 2017” will provide an occasion to showcase the talents of
Children from CCIs   from various child care institutions across the country
and provide them with a space to express their dreams and aspiration.  
Children will be participating in various events like Bal Sansad, painting
competition, Athletics meet, Football, chess competition and speech writing. 
The following events are proposed to be organized:

1.      Bal
Sandad on 16th November 2017:
The National Policy
for Children 2013 and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children)
Act 2015 endorse the rights of the Children to participate in issues that affect
them. Children have the right to express their views and be involved actively
in decision-making at different levels in matters that concern them. They are
today’s citizens, can act as leaders now and in the future. Keeping the above
in mind, a Bal Sansad will be organized in which Children from CCIs from all
States/UTs will participate. A total of 36 Children in the age group of 14-18
years have been  invited from States/UTs to participate in the programme. An
orientation workshop will be organized at NIPCCD with Children in the afternoon
of 15th November, 2017 on needs and rights of Children. Children will be
prepared to identify the issues pertaining to their rights which affects them
and also give their suggestions. The Bal Sansad will be held on  16th November,
2017 at CSOI, New Delhi.

Summary of discussions and suggestions given by Children may to be forwarded to
relevant Ministries and Departments of GoI later on.

2.      Painting
Competition on 16th November 2017:
Children, generally
use different ways of expressing themselves and make meaning out of the world
around them. Drawing and painting are powerful  tools used  to enhance
Children’s communication skills.  With this background in consideration, a
painting competition is being organized by the Ministry of Women and Child
Development on 17th November, 2017 for selected Children (36) from all the
Child Care Institutions across the country at CSOI.  Before the painting
competition, an explorative  orientation workshop will be organized for the
Children facilitated by artists who have agreed to volunteer for this event.
The workshop will be organized to sensitize the Children that drawing can be
used as a medium to express feelings and emotions. The facilitators will help
Children and make it an enjoyable experience for them. The paintings will be
judged by a panel of three judges.


3.      Athletics
Meet, Chess Competition and Football Matches on 19-20th November 2017:

A happy childhood is synonymous with right to play. Sports activities not only
bring out the physical abilities in Children, it also encourages their sprit to
win over challenges and even be prepared to accept defeat with grace. The
ministry is organising athletics meet (100 meters race, 100 x 4 meter relay
race, long jump, high jump), chess competition  and football matches for boys
and girls from CCIs. The events will be organized at Thyagaraj Stadium, New

encourage Children, Mr. Virendra Sahwag (Cricketer), Mr. Gautam Gambhir
(Cricketer) and Ms. Mithali Raj (Cricketer) have been be invited on 20th
November 2017 to take part in the prize distribution function.

4.      Speech
All States/UTs have been requested to hold speech
writing competitions  within Children of CCIs. The first three speeches will be
forwarded to the Ministry and the compilation of speeches will be published as
a booklet by the Ministry, supported by UNICEF. The booklet will be released on
20th November 2017 during the concluding ceremony.


5.      The
Concluding Ceremony on 20th November 2017:

The week-long Celebration of child rights will culminate through the concluding
ceremony which will be organized on 20th November (evening) at
Pravasi Bhartiya Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The programme will include
release of compilation of speeches and guidelines of UNNATI scheme and
presentation  of Best State Team Award based on performance  during Hausla 2017
as well as cultural programme presented by Children of CCIs.


Reporters from street Children’s news magazine “Balaknama” will cover the
entire event and publish it in their magazine, with due approval of the content
from Ministry.

CARA and NIPCCD  are assisting the Ministry in organising the events. UNICEF
will be supporting the Ministry in publishing the compiled speeches in the form
of a booklet.