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Why Shall People Trust YS Jagan Reddy Who Is Changing His Own Decisions?

Why Shall People Trust YS Jagan Reddy Who Is Changing His Own Decisions?
Why Shall People Trust YS Jagan Reddy Who Is Changing His Own Decisions?

JanaSena party Political Affairs Committee (PAC) chairman Nadendla Manohar on 8th January slammed the Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for changing his decision on capital city.

Nadendla Manohar said that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who had demanded 30,000 acres for the capital city when he was in Opposition, has gone back on his demand after becoming the chief minister.

Why shall people trust this person who is changing his own decisions?

How will the State attract Investments?

How will the development take place? Nadendla questioned Reddy.

There is not even one single developmental activity using a bag of cement in the past seven months after he was sworn in as chief minister, he said.

Youth wants employment, Farmers want the support price and Women want security. Setting all these priorities aside, the leaders are creating conflicts among the three regions for political mileage, said Nadendla.

Nadendla also said that the government shall have taken the opinion of all-party leaders if the government has taken a decision on shifting of the capital city. It shall have given assurance to the farmers by talking to them after its decision. It shall have taken a decision which is amicable to all after holding a discussion in the Assembly.

A typical situation has prevailed in the State that the Chief Minister has taken a decision over capital city keeping his cabinet colleagues in total dark, he said.

They are trying to create conflicts between the regions

Nadendla said  that the government is trying to get political mileage by creating conflicts between the regions North Andhra, Rayalaseema and Krishna and Guntur districts.

 Is it possible to shift the High Court which is located in Amaravati to Kurnool?

How will the government make a promise on the issue which is under the purview of the Centre?

Have you gone through the rules mentioned in the laws? Nadendla questioned Reddy.

The government is trying to camouflage people by making promises on impossible things, he said.

Are you wanted to satisfy people of one region by ditching people of another region? He questioned the government.

The government must announce its stand on its policy if it has real guts and courage, Nadendla demanded the government.

The chief minister shall react and explain to people how the State will get benefit with shifting of the capital city. He shall institute a sub-committee to know the sentiments of the people. He shall ensure people after talking to them, said Nadendla.

He must not try to trick people by issuing statements that there will be enormous growth with three capital cities, he said.

Anyone will stop you if you are really intended to develop the three regions? He asked Reddy.